About Us

At A1 Construction & Maintenance Ltd you can be rest assured that your projects will be taken care of 100% with contentment that we fully comply with the ( construction, design and management ) CDM regulations and are an eco friendly business.

  • about-icn1construction

    A1 Construction is a west London contractor specialising in maximising value for customers in the commercial and domestic sector, with an uncompromising focus on safety and quality.

    We find the most innovative and creative ways to deliver outstanding buildings while working in true collaboration with our customers, consultants, supply chain partners and the communities in which we work to deliver projects on time and on budget.

    Led by influential and knowledgeable experts who understand the needs of our customers, we can deliver highly complex structures in live operational and constrained environments. Supported by our series of dedicated customer delivery programs, we ensure we’re delivering on the promises we make throughout every stage of your build.

    We have a proven track record in all our jobs commercial and mixed use developments, we’re also experts in sustainability and ensuring we create a better tomorrow.

    We complete design and build projects using the latest Building Information Modelling (BIM) technologies and our own in-house pre-construction capable to deliver exceptional buildings, every time.

  • about-icn2design

    Achieving good building design is about more than creating a visually striking building. Our designs have long term positive impacts on the end user and wider community.

    We help to strengthen local identity.

    We create spaces that improve people’s daily lives.

    And we do it while protecting the environment, helping our customers create better buildings while leaving a positive legacy.

    At A1 construction we understand and embrace the value of your design, ensuring the transition into construction via procurement, manufacture and fabrication is as seamless as possible. Our approach of engaging early with design allows us to influence design solutions when they will create the best value for the client.

  • about-icn3management

    Your building project has to be managed by someone. Assuming that you are de-risking the building project by using an industry standard building contract, that contract has to be negotiated, drawn up and administered by someone. Whilst there are different choices as to who that ‘someone’ is, each option will have a cost.

    When deciding who will be the best person to manage the building project and administer the contract, your decision should be based upon three key elements:

    • How much time do you have?
    • What’s your previous experience of managing complex building projects or building contracts?
    • Are you working to a tight budget which doesn’t allow room for overspend?

Using A1 construction as your independent building project managers gives you the security of knowing that someone is proactively managing your build with the freedom to be as involved as you want to be.