House Extensions

We hope that the information on extensions we provide will give you an insight into the reasons for extending your home. A1 construction will also cover the options available for your property extensions including walking through the design, regulations, legal requirements and the planning involved in building an extension.

Some examples ideas for creating extra space could include bungalow, garden room and garage extension. Flats are popular type of property to extend but there is a range of property types that you can improve with the help of our design professionals and builders based in west London.


There are a wide range of styles including contemporary, glass and modular extensions. Whether you are looking for modern house extensions, terraced house extensions or Victorian house extensions, our team in west London can support your journey at every stage.

Some of the most popular options include:

  • Single Storey Extension (also referred to as Ground Floor Extensions)
  • Double Storey Extensions (also known as Two Storey Extensions)
  • Back Extensions (also known as Rear Extensions)
  • Side Return Extensions


There are a number of reasons that you might want to extend your home, as a new property may not have the convenience of the local amenities you are used to. Home additions are increasingly popular because adding a home extension is a way to not only increase the space in your home but can also add value to your property as well.

If you were to move house you will be looking at a range of costs, especially when purchasing a new property. They can include estate agent, solicitor and surveyor fees as well as potential stamp duty. This is before taking into account costs to improve, repair or replace elements of the property to bring it up to a suitable condition.


This is dependent on the type of extension you would like and also any ideas you may have to make your extension unique. Home improvements have a number of stages from the initial design through to the building and fitting. It is sometimes a choice for people to build an extension themselves and to contract certain elements to third parties or they simply employ a building and construction firm such as A1 construction.