Loft Conversion

We can convert an empty space into a lovely welcoming room whether it be a guestroom, a play room for the children, maybe an office space or a much needed master bedroom or even just a place to zone out, the choice is yours! The possibilities are unimaginable.

It is well worth investing in a specialist team of contractors like ourselves, who will put your mind at rest as a loft conversion is a complex process which often involves a great deal of specialism.

Firstly an architect is appointed to draw and present the working drawings will contain structural plans which may be needed, secondly what also needs to be kept in mind is that the external part of the conversion needs to coordinate with the rest of the property, so therefore materials used for facias, windows, gutters, roof tiles and down pipes etc need to match as closely as possible.

Also to add value to a property one aspect is very important and that is to make sure that there is enough headroom due to the nature of the roof being sloped, 2.3m headroom is required. Furthermore all work is carried out according to the approved drawings, and all work step by step is approved by inspectors and certified via building control foregoing the next stage. Access to the new loft also should be practical, therefore a new custom made staircase would be made and put into place, ensuring that it is made to current regulations.

Bearing in mind all mechanical and electrical services will need to be extended from the ground level up to the new part of the house, including central heating, electrics, t.v. and telephone points if needed. Lastly the finishing is what gives the final touch to the completed work, and this needs to be considered very carefully, these can be electrical sockets varying from metal finishes to basic white or making the choice between flooring or carpet, paint to wallpaper. The world is your oyster!