New Build Home

At A1 construction ltd we believe that the space inside your premises is just the start of building blocks, we have the know about and skill required to turn any empty space into a well-used room that could not only add hours to the joy and fun into your life but also a great amount of value towards your house.

We feel that new builds are the best way for any owner of a house to add a large amount of value towards their premises while still being able to enjoy the extra space.

Our qualified team will be able to take you through the entire process from start to finish with A1 construction ltd.

Here is what we cover in our new builds services:

  • Initial Design.
  • Planning and Supply of Materials.
  • Foundations and Groundwork.
  • Bricklaying and Roof Building.
  • Connections with primary house utilities.
  • Plumbing, electric and gas supply installed.
  • Finished ready for interior decoration.
  • Optional tied in landscaping.

We feel that because we can take on any project from start to finish and complete it to the very high standards we set here, that we are really saving our clients a lot of hassle by making sure that they do not have to go out to contract companies to take care of each and every single task as we can make sure that we cater for all of your needs.

Our team of experts can tailor any job to our client’s exact needs and expectations and making sure every single inch and centimeter is covered so that nothing goes to waste; this helps you to make sure that you get great value for money on every job that we undertake. We feel that we are the best in new builds.

We pride on making sure that our clients always have peace of mind before we finish any job and that they always have complete peace of mind when it comes down to the work that we do. If a client has a question or query about any of the work that we do then they shouldn’t hesitate to ask one of our skills men and they will use their expertise with regards to A1 construction ltd to help make sure that the client is always happy with our work. This work ethic has given us a great stream of referrals from the London area.