There are so many reasons to consider us for all your refurbishment needs, we offer the complete package from renovation and designing to painting and decoration including major and minor work. We manage a whole team of experienced tradesmen covering every aspect from upgrading bathrooms to all carpentry work. We can create a truly magical space with our very efficient service, and this will truly give your work or home space a new lease of life.

Whether you are thinking of selling your property or maybe letting it out, renovating it will definitely lead to a more successful sale of a higher paying client which in both cases would be of an advantage to you. Our team will provide you with design, colour and set up ideas to transform your place.

Refurbishment work can range from having a new kitchen fitted in a different part of the house, or maybe adding a small wash room under the stairs or even adding an en-suite to the master bedroom, the choice is yours. There are lots of points to consider when changing the interior or exterior of you property and we are here to help you.